Voting on blockchain is the most secure way to protect your vote session and your voters.

No Stress

No stress over creating and securing your own solution with huge investments. The only cost you'll have are the blockchain fees.


Votes cannot be changed once stored on the blockchain.
The voter, can still track its vote on the blockchain without revealing its identity.

SmartVoting takes advantage of the Voting capabilities on the Ardor blockchain.
Emails are used to deliver the voting QR codes or we print all the voting links in a csv file. We also use the testnet network of Ardor for testing purposes.
In real life the tool would need to be adapted to real voting needs. QR codes could be printed and delivered to the voters addresses in paper format. Voting physical locations could be set up, where casting boxes with dedicated voting devices could help the less tech savvies.
Voters can therefore vote online or go to the voting locations. SmartVoting would make it easy also for people voting from abroad.

How To test

There are a few little steps to follow to test SmartVoting. Just click below to get all the information you need.

First thing you need is an Ardor testnet account with enough funds to setup the voting.
To do that, head to the Jelurida testnet node and create a new account.
Store the generated passphrase and the Ardor account address (eg. ARDOR-6UY5-YR8T-WC2Q-G9BUU).
This is roughly the calculation (will improve this to make it automatic):
- Cost for creating the Monetary System token: 4 Ardor
- Cost for each question asked: 1.2 Ardor
- Cost per each voting user: 2.11 Ardor + 0.01 Ardor for each additional question
Ask the Ardor community in the slack channel or get 1500 Ardor via the Ardor World faucet.

ZERO fee AccountProperty Bundler will be setup automatically on the server node.

Please insert the questions in reversed order as they are reversed in the casting vote page.

There are 2 ways you can setup the vote.

Method 1

Create a csv file with the voters. For test purposes you just need to put name and email address.
For example:

Ciccio Paticcio,
Franco Franchi,
Nadia Nadi,
Maria Mardo,
Tonio Togni,

The voters will receive an email with a link where to cast their vote. Only voters in the csv will receive a new Ardor account with the possibility to cast the vote. Only voters that will receive the email will be able to participate to this voting session.

Method 2

Simply input the amount of voters that will participate to the voting.
The script will generate for each voter an account and a voting link. These will be stored in a csv file that can be downloaded at the end of the script execution.

Transaction IDs can be searched on the testnet Ardor blockchain explorer here:

Some additional verifications will be added in the next version: transaction success, etc. Consider this as alpha version.

The Voting Creation Form

You can try to create your voting session right here. Just fill the form below.

Insert your passphrase
(Do NOT insert your mainnet passphrase)

Insert the Voting description

Add your question

Voting expiring time (UTC)

Choose between the 2 setup methods
(click to change)

Upload csv File

With this mode the users listed in the file will receive a mail with the voting link.

Note: Only .csv format allowed to a max size of 5 MB.

Type number of Voters

With this mode the voter issuer simply inputs the amount of voters and the output will be a file with a list of Ardor addresses and voting links. The voter issues will then take care of distributing the voting links in the preferred way to the voters.

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